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For most businesses, a website is like a "brochure on the  web;" and search engines are the new "yellow pages" (that's the business listings section in a phone book--for those who don't know what that is). As such, the primary function of a website is to make your company searchable on the Internet, and then to let your customers know what you do, where you are, and how they can get in touch with you. If you do nothing more than that, you've covered the basics, and are on an even playing field with your competitors.

As with any brochure, the contents will vary from company to company, but still the same general rules apply to all. The best websites (or brochures) are usually concise and easily readable to the customer, and include only the pertinent information necessary about the products and/or services offered by your business.

Today, more and more people are using their mobile devices to the search the web, so it is important that your website functions on  smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as desktop computers. That said, the miniaturization of websites can be restrictive, requiring alternative methods to relay your full message to mobile users.

Below a several examples of recent websites we've designed.

At right is a calendar page for  night club that features local and national entertainment on a weekly basis. It requires regular updating (maintenance) and contains a front page rotating "billboard," a calendar page (pictured), news, party booking page and contact forms. The home page contains address information, links to social media, upcoming shows and information about the club. A mobile version is also available.

While we prefer to create websites from scratch, occasionally a client will request a website that they can update themselves, or that they can write a blog on. In that instance, we usually set them up with a Word Press site, like the Planet Check ( ) above. Most Word Press sites conform automatically to mobile devices. The benefit of having a designer involved in the set up, is in the creation of custom graphics that fit the format correctly, copy writing and editing, and experience with navigating the myriad of options available.

We've also created merchants sites on Shopify (visit link ). And, whether you're selling coffee (like Kona Ray above), or t-shirts, or retail merchandise; online stores are very time-consuming to set up, and require regular maintenance and updates.

Fill out the contact form at right, for a free consultation on the type of website that best fits your business needs, goals and budget.




Design of a standard website (like this one) that fits both desktop and mobile devices with a contemporary look and feel.

Your page will be created "from scratch" without the use of any templates or online services -- customized for your specific business or organization's needs.

*Hosting, maintenance & online stores extra

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