What is Planet Check?
Planet Check is a 60-second green news report. These  speedy, proudly MTV-like productions have covered the gamut of all things environmental from peak oil, wireless waste, science, policy on Capitol Hill, soy dogs at ball parks, pesticides, tidal energy and more. Thanks to the founder's rock n’ roll background, the feature regularly incorporates musical activists like Michael Franti, Neil Young, Willie Nelson and Jack Johnson to name a few.



Planet Check expands public awareness and action in environmental issues by informing, entertaining, and motivating its audience amidst events and news that affect the health and sustainability of our world. Planet Check was created to reach out beyond the choir by reinventing environmental news and reporting to make it both interesting and personally compelling to a broad audience. In the words of Julia Butterfly Hill…”To make consciousness cool.”

 Hosted by Mo (Maureen) Mellady

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Proven to increase market/audience share for both sponsors and  participating stations while creating public awareness of environmental issues.


Learn more at PlanetCheck.org